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    Flat machine
    Specifications and parameters
    The performance of machine
       Single machine head double system, this series is equipped with automatic bottom lifting device, scissor-clamping device, our company is applied automatic bottom lifting device in a mature domestic enterprises.The automatic lifting base plate device adopts the principle of flexible release, which enables the closed composite needle to effectively realize the function of hanging yarn and stripping. In order to effectively reduce the enterprise's cost raising method, it can be changed according to customer's requirements, greatly reducing yarn waste and improving production efficiency. 
        The system adopts the latest knitting principles of the flat knitting machine, and realizes knitting functions of the flat knitting machine, such as forming a loop, turning a needle, lifting a eye, laying a hole, moving a needle, and collecting a needle.

    stitch length

    5G 5/7G 7G 8G 10G 12G 14G 16G ; 3.5G


    48 (inches) 52 (inches)


    The speed of 10 sections can be adjusted arbitrarily, with a high speed of 1.2 km/s


    Controlled by a step motor, 31 sections of tension can be set for arbitrary adjustment

    colour changing

    2*8 sets of sand nozzles are on the left and right sides of 4 guide rails. The sand nozzles can be switched at any position of the needle bed.


    Yarn breaking, yarn knot, cloth dropping, needle breaking, roll-down, sheet loading, motor overload, shaking table and machine head shift.

    east system

    Servo motor control, the gauge belt drives the machine head, and the width can be set freely


    Emergency stop button, automatic stop safety cover, infrared protection device;

    Pattern design

    Compatible with insular and domestic mainstream software


    Single-phase or three-phase,220v/380V, can also continue to work after power outage is restored;

    Figure memory

    Large capacity of 256M

    storage of data

    USB flash disk



    Case size



    7 * 800 * 480;Menu interaction provides easy input and weaving of data.


    Update 2019.12.23