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    High speed rapier loom
    Specifications and parameters
    The performance of machine
    HsMax type using the mature rapier weaving technology of high-speed rapier loom, absorb the most superior loom beating-up structure and unique among sword belt drive technology perfect combination, these have improved the newest loom weaving production, its and its solid fuselage structure to ensure a high degree of stability and low vibration to the machine, all its can easily weaving all kinds of heavy or other varieties of fabric you need.


    190, 210, 220, 230 cm (narrow frame) 340, 360 cm (wide frame)


    70cm (narrow frame) 90cm (wide frame)

    Loom drive

    Switch reluctance main motor drives directly

    rotate speed

    Designed maximum speed of 750 RPM, economic speed of 550-600 RPM (type 190)

    Filling rate

    Up to 1425 m/min

    The scope of yarn count

    Short fiber yarn: nm200-nm3 (ne120-ne1.8) filament :22den-3000den(25dtex-3300dtex)

    Abb colors

    1-8 colors or different yarn sizes can be programmed arbitrarily

    Abb monitor

    6 or 8 hole double weft filling detector

    shedding mechanism

    STAUBLI2658 electronic rotating dobby, up to 20 pieces of open device of heald frame disc (optional) large jacquard faucet (optional)

    beating mechanism

    Two sets of conjugate CAM beating weft mechanism (narrow width machine) on the inner side of the body three sets of conjugate CAM beating weft mechanism (wide width machine)

    picking motion

    Unique space connecting 16mm narrow sword belt of weft insertion mechanism, 27mm wide sword belt of single-lead hook flight system, and no-lead hook flight system (optional)


    Servo motor control,850Kg load - type tension sensor warp - axis release device, double rear beam system

    Shaft diameter


    Stop device

    6 rows of electronic stop stand with a pitch of 30mm


    Control of servo motor, double pressure roll cloth roll, maximum roll diameter :550mm, large mounting device outside the machine: 1500mm(optional)

    weft count

    4-200 ft/cm

    Find weft

    Full automatic pick - up, closed - end positioning control system


    Mechanical weft shears, mechanical edge shears

    Network Interface

    Ethernet, USB, serial interface

    Other features

    Network control and remote diagnosis (optional)


    Update 2019.12.23