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        National industry standard drafting unit, national high-tech enterprises. Specialized in textile machinery control system research and development
        glove knitting machine
        High speed rapier loom
        Hosiery machine
        Flat machine
        overlock machine
        About Haisen
            Zhejiang the Haisen Knitting machine Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Shaoxing City, the eco-industrial park covers an area of 60,000 square meters,close to Kuaijishan,East Lake,the Houshan scenic area and convenient transportation, The company is a collection of scientific research, manufacturing, sales of modern high-tech, mechanical and electrical integration, knitting machinery manufacturing enterprises, professional committed to the production of high quality HS series of computer flat knitting machine, the HS series of computer knitting glove machine, HS series of computer knitting socks machine, HS series of twist knotless net knitting machine. participation in the formulation, drafting computer flat knitting machines, computer knitting glove machine, computer knitting hosiery machines, computer knitting seamless underwear machine national industry standards. 
            The Company consists of the knitting machinery R&D Center, engaged in computer control systems and machinery R&D, trial production, the application work. Control system R&D department after nearly 10 years of development, now has a variety of mature industrial platform, and successful development and application of a servo controller, stepper motor drives, inverter and so on. The twist knotless net knitting machine’s successful development, fill the blank of knotless net knitting machine,breaking the foreign monopoly. 
            Haisen has a modern production plant, production equipment, management systems and detection systems, strictly implement the ISO9001 international quality management system.is a national high-tech enterprises, by the German TUV,CE certification, excellent quality in the field of knitting machinery to win the Extreme reputation.