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    Introduce the company's products to customers and recommend the model configurations suitable for customers according to their needs.

    Pre-sale service
    Provide the pre-production and the training of the machine repair personnel.
    Sale service
    Provide suitable packaging for the machine.
    Deliver the flat knitting machines at the appointed time and place.
    Arrange service staff to install and debug flat machines and set up files.
    After-sales service
    Focusing on solving technical difficulties for customers, we provide equipment management software upgrade, pattern design, technical tackling, equipment maintenance and maintenance services, and provide technical support services for maximizing customer efficiency and benefits.
    We provide low cost, high efficiency and uniform localization service to our customers through our professional service team, systematic resource management and nationwide network.
    The customer service phone number, in the use of the equipment in the process of all problems can be called to consult relevant questions.